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[How to Chinese]虎头蛇尾?不存在的。When it comes t


Hey guys, Welcome to NEW Express Mandarin! At the END of the LAST day in June, I would like to talk to you guys about END Well, that was about 烂尾 and 虎头蛇尾. Hope you like this video and... Have you finished all of your 烂尾作业


[How to Chinese]No spoilers! 不要剧透!


But I dont want to spoil the ending for you! You just have to see it!


[How to Chinese]A lucky dog= 一只幸运的狗?English idi


Hi everyone, welcome to Express Mandarin ! 如果你学汉语的时间不短了,那你一定学过几个成语。它们实际的意思往往跟字面看起来大不相同。所以当你想要翻译的时候,必须十分小心,才不至于


你的汉语比我好吗?Nǐ de Hànyǔ bǐ wǒ hǎo ma ?


Hi everyone, welcome to Express Mandarin XP Last month, we revised some of the basic and important grammars and sentence structures. After watching the Express Mandarin videos a whole year, you must have done it very well! This time, we are


[How to Chinese]怎么用“得”? How to use complement of


Hi everyone, welcome to Express Mandarin ! nǐ xu hu le ma? 你学会了吗? (Have you got it?) nǐ xǐhuan wǒmen de shpn ma? 你喜欢我们的视频吗? (Do you like our video?) Leave a comment and let us know!


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