How to Chinese

How did you feel when you learned Chinese polyphonic charact


当你学习中文多音字时是什么感受? How did you feel when you learned Chinese polyphonic characters? 今天,我们就来用1分钟学会一个多音字大。 Today, we are going to learn a polyphonic word 大 in one minute. 你


When you get the tone right by accident...


你还记得你刚开始学习中文时发生的有趣的事吗? Do you remember the funny thing that happened when you first started learning Chinese? 很多网友分享了他们学习中文时的感受,一起来看一下吧! Many people


The love legend about Qixi | 七夕节


七夕就要到了!七夕节是中国的情人节,你了解多少呢? Qixi Festival is coming! How much do you know about Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentines Day? Qixi Festival/The Double Seventh Festival 七夕情人节指的是农历


Did you study Chinese like this? [Part 4]


你还记得你刚开始学习中文的时候么? Do you remember that the first time you learn chinese? 我们已经发布了Did you study Chinese like this? [Part 1]、[Part 2]和[Part 3] 的文章。 We published Did you study Chinese li


Is it necessary to retake the HSK test if you have HSK score


自从《国际中文教育中文水平等级标准》发布,将HSK水平由6级调整为9级之后,有不少同学们非常关心HSK考试的变化。 Since the release of the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chi


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