China VISA

If you are do not live in China, then you need a visa entry approved by the PRC Foreign Ministry. You are encouraged to get a tourist visa (L) or a student visa (X2) depending on the length of your stay. A tourist visa (L) is recommended for students who are staying less than 2 months. The student visa (X2) is available for students who study longer than 2 months, for this visa you will also receive some information and documents from us.

If you are eligible for a Chinese Visa, XMandarin can help you get it, with as little trouble as possible. During the enrollment process, let us know if you need visa help or have any questions and we will be of service. Of course, you are also welcome to apply by yourself, but please try to start your visa application as early as possible.

Good To Know
Although the regular visa processing time takes only about a week, it's best to apply two to three months in advance, before your study program starts. This will give you ample time to search for and purchase a cheaper flight ticket. Flight tickets tend to be more expensive when purchased close to the flight date.



We, at XMandarin are always open to help you with finding a comfortable accommodation in Qingdao! For short-term stay you may choose a hotel or hostel; for a stay longer than one month you may choose a guesthouse or a serviced apartment; if you want to live with a Chinese family, we can also help you with finding a home stay. There is plenty of choice, and surely one that fits you!(Click pictures to see the price range)

Feel free to contact us for more information about the different accommodations or check the links below to find your own home in Qingdao!


What do I need to bring with me? Where am I going to live? How do I prepare myself for China? What do I do once I arrive in China? There are probably so many questions that are floating in your mind but do not worry! Check out our video with things you should consider before leaving for China.

When you arrive in Qingdao, we also try our best to help you out as much as we can. Need airport pick up service? Need help with applying a Chinese SIM card and Chinese Bankcard? Just let us know and we will help you!

Get Your Free Checklist for Preparation to China

Email us to receive your FREE Checklist, it full of useful information before and after you arrive. We will periodically email you additional offers & updates and you may opt-out at any time.


To create more opportunities for XMandarin students to have a deep insight into Chinese culture and work with Chinese people side by side, XMandarin officially works with many local and international corporate and organizations. If you want to do an internship during your study in China and willing to learn cross-cultural communication and organization culture, we offer you a guaranteed placement in the industry of your choice from partners available and INTERNSHIP AT XMANDARIN as well. If you want to setup your own company in Qingdao, we can also offer consultation on visa, registration and legal issues.

The One-Stop platform for internship in China and learning Chinese programs

Inquire now about our virtual internships, choose a program and discover the opportunities for 2023-2024

XMandarin Located in the center city and has over 8 years of experience with interns from all over the world; you will be working in an environment with both foreign students and Chinese colleagues which all can speak English. And you will get the possibility to take Mandarin classes free of charge and to join events which are organized for stuff. XMandarin will provide you with a visa and will be able to help you to find a place to stay (home stay or apartment) in Qingdao, meanwhile the internships stipends in alternative ways of allowance, bonuses and commission. APPLY NOW BY EMAIL


As an intern you will support our marketing department, take over responsibility for your own fields of duty and be contact person for social media and international cooperation. Developing new partners and maintains good relationship with current partners. Help service department to make events and culture activities.


-Knowledge about social media
-Basic knowledge about video and photography
-Preferably following a marketing or business education on university level
-Proficient business level English
-Minimum stay of 5 months in China
-have internship experience is preferred
-Chinese language in HSK 3 or above is preferred



“My favourite actor is Bruce Lee! I want to learn Kungfu!”
“I want to know more about Confucius!”
“I love Chinese Calligraphy!”

We hear you! XMandarin is dedicated to show you all the aspects of China and make your study experience unforgettable. We organize a variety of culture events regularly. A few of these Chinese culture events are, calligraphy, Chinese cooking and Kung Fu. We also organize outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, windsurfing and rock climbing. In addition, we also organise fun parties! The most popular event of the year is our fabulous Christmas Party, that we call: XParty!

What are you waiting for? Most of the activities are free! If you are interested please follow us on our official WeChat, Instagram or scan the QR code to contact our service teacher to reserve a spot for you.




Coming to study in China is not such a trivial matter. Here are some answers to the questions of a study tour in China. If you have a question that isn't addressed here or elsewhere on our website, please contact us by online chat, question box, email or phone call.

About Registration Process

I'm ready to apply, what's next?

We are delighted that you are interested to apply at XMandarin. Please contact us by calling 86) 0532-88078385 or Email us at . We are happy to guide you through the application process.

How can I pay for my Chinese programs?

If you live outside of China, you can pay by  “bank transfer”or through“west union”; if you live in China, you can come to our school and pay by cash or credit card.

Which type of visa should I apply for to study Chinese with XMandarin?

We recommend you to apply for the “L visa” (tourist visa) if you are staying for less than 3 months; if you plan to stay for 3 months or longer, the “X2 visa” (student visa) is recommended.

How do I obtain my student visa if I do need one?

After the full payment of the tuition fee, we will send you the visa application documents. Our course adviser will guide you through the process.

Where can I live while learning Chinese in Qingdao?

XMandarin CLC can help you to arrange an accommodation to optimize your China experience. You can choose from different types of accommodations that are mostly within walking distance from the school, or alternatively stay at a Private studio Apartment, Youth-hotel, Hotel, Guesthouse or home-stay.

About Study

How can I estimate my current Chinese level?

We offer a free evaluation. Students can visit XMandarin to take oral or written tests before joining our Chinese programs. Based on this assessment, you will be placed into a class level that is most appropriate for you or set up a study goal for your private course. If you live outside of China, you may choose the On-line test on our website, or make an appointment with us for a skype interview.

Dose your school offer a free trial class to attend?

Yes, of course. If you think it is necessary to try a demo class, please make an appointment with your course adviser first. We will arrange the suitable teacher and the available classroom for you. Free trial class lasts 30-minutes, you can get a general idea of how the class is arranged and communicate with the teacher about your interest.

I'm a beginner, can I understand the lessons?

The lessons at XMandarin CLC are held in Chinese. The teachers give lessons that are tailored to the level. So you can surely understand all the lessons. All the teachers and staff here can speak English or other languages and therefore will be able to help you in many ways.

If I miss some lessons, could I have make-up class?

It depends, for our group classes it is not possible, only you notice XMandarin before the course starts regarding which days you are absent, our course adviser can arrange a teacher to help you catch up. For private class, the missed time will be made up by the end of learning period.

Besides Chinese lessons, what else can I do at XMandarin?

XMandarin is dedicated on taking you out of the classroom and show you the real China. We offer a number of out-of-school excursions and cultural activities that we regularly organize during your learning period. Our experienced teachers are looking forward to giving you an unique insight as to what makes the character of these special places so distinctive.

What is HSK? When is the HSK test date?

HSK is the test which is made to propagate and set direction for learning Mandarin Chinese for non-native Chinese speakers and overseas Chinese people. You can measure and evaluate your Chinese language skills and utilize the results for colleges in China and job-seeking. The tests will be held each month, please check the exact test dates at the HSK website:
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