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[How to Chinese]A lucky dog= 一只幸运的狗?English idi


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  If you have leaned Chinese for long time, you must know that we we have a lot of "成语" in Chinese expressions. The meaning of "成语" are usually totally different from what they seems to be. When you translate them into other languages, you have to be extremly careful to avoid misunderstanding.


  Of course in English , there are also many idioms like this. Obviously, it's hard to translate into Chinese as well.

  比如说,英文中的"Love me, love my dog",在汉语里就变成了“爱屋及乌”,意思是,“喜欢一栋房子,就喜欢房顶上的乌鸦”。

For example, "Love me, love my dog".In Chinese goes like "爱屋及乌“,which means “Love a house, love the crow above its roof”


  This time. we collect some mistakes when speaking Chinese caused by directtranslation. Check the video to see if you know them!

  nǐ xué huì le ma?


  (Have you got it?)

  nǐ xǐhuan wǒmen de shìpín ma?


  (Do you like our video?)

  Do you know any other expressions like those in the video?

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