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The love legend about Qixi | 七夕节



Qixi Festival is coming! How much do you know about Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentine's Day?

Qixi Festival/The Double Seventh Festival


The Double Seventh Festival refers to the seventh night of the seventh lunar month. In 2021, it's August 14. It is a traditional folk festival of the Han people. This night is not only the time when the legendary Cowherd and the Girl Weaver are supposed to have their annual meeting, but also a good opportunity for women to pray for the Girl Weaver for the purpose of seeking dexterity. Therefore, this festival is also named " Maiden's Day", " Daughter's Day".

The love legend about Qixi


The day is not as well-known as many other Chinese festivals. But almost everyone in China, young or old, is very familiar with the story behind it.




The Weaver Girl and the Morning Cattle are two similar stars in the Tianhe River. There is no connection between the two. Until the Han Dynasty, these two stars were transformed into specific characters. The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl are derived from the star names of the Altair and the Vega.


Legend has it that the granddaughter of the ancient Emperor of Heaven was good at weaving, and weaved the sky every day. She hated this boring life, and secretly went down to the mortal world, privately married to the cowherd of Hexi, and lived a life of men and women. Angry the Emperor, the Weaver Girl was taken back to the Heavenly Palace, and they were ordered to separate. They were only allowed to meet on the bridge on July 7 each year.


Their strong love and affection moved magpies, countless magpies flew, and used the body to form a color bridge across the Tianhe River, allowing the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl to meet on the Tianhe River.


Today some traditional customs have been weakened. Now the festival is celebrated as a romantic valentine's day, particularly among young people.

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