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Who can say no to a cat?



You probably have a cat on hand right now!Soft and cute, that's it!


Today we're going to learn some cat vocabulary and see how much you know!

吸猫【xī māo】

吸猫这个词,虽然从字面意思上来看貌似是形容养猫的人对猫咪做出的一个使劲儿嗅的动作,但是该词在实际的应用过程 中比较常见的用法是指代一种对猫极度的喜爱之情,常常会忍不住要做出一些亲亲抱抱的这种亲昵的举动。

The word "xī māo", although it literally refers to a cat owner making a strenuous sniff at a cat, the more common usage of the word in practical use is to refer to an extreme fondness for cats, which often leads to such endearment as kissing and cuddling.


撸猫【lū māo】

“撸猫”就是轻抚猫的身体,让猫感到愉悦。脸、头、下巴,都是猫喜欢被摸的区域,如果人们服侍得周到,猫会发 出咕噜咕噜的声音,表示满意。

"lū māo" is to stroke the body of the cat, let the cat feel happy. Face, head and chin are areas where cats like to be touched, and if people are considerate, cats purr to show satisfaction.


猫奴 【māo nú】

爱猫成癖的人,统称为“猫奴”。这大概是因为,对于动物,人类总觉得自己是最高等的存在。如果一个人因为爱猫而愿 意在感情上和猫平起平坐,甚至放低姿态,那么这些“堕落者”就可以被称作“猫奴”了。简而言之,猫奴就是做猫的奴隶,甘之如饴、奴性不改的那种。

Cat-lovers are collectively referred to as "māo nú". This is probably because, for animals, humans have always felt that they are the highest being. If a person desires to be emotionally equal to or even lower than cats because of their love for them, these "depravites" are said to be "māo nú". In short, "māo nú" is a slave to a cat, the kind who is willing and slavish.


铲屎官 【chǎn shǐ guān】


"chǎn shǐ guān" are a tsundere way of making fun of themselves -- after all, they love cats so much they don't care how smelly their poop is.


云养猫【yún yǎng māo】


"yún yǎng māo" means that a cat owner who cannot keep a cat due to family conditions (e.g., the parents are not allowed, the family is not rich, etc.) or environmental factors will appease his desire to raise a cat by watching websites, forums, or apps to view pictures and videos of cats.



Did you "xī māo" today?


nǐ xué huì le me?


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