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Do you "chuān" or "Dài" a hat?



Both "chuān" and "Dài" mean wear in English, but do you know how to use them in Chinese?


Learn the difference between "chuān" and "Dài" with our new video!

穿 chuān


We often use it for clothes.

// 1 |T恤、衬衫 T-shirt、shirt

// 2 |裙子、裤子 skirt、pants

// 3 |鞋 shoes

戴 Dài


"Dài" often with accessories, ornaments and kind of this used together.

// 1 |帽子、手套、围巾 hats、gloves 、scarves

// 2 |眼镜 glasses

// 3 |耳环、戒指、项链 earrings、rings、necklaces

nǐ xué huì le me?


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