How to Chinese

You don't know you already know!



During the Chinese study, characters are an inevitable part. Do you find it very difficult to learn the characters?


We have prepared some posts for everyone, which can be seen all over the streets in China during the epidemic period.


In fact, these sentences look very complicated, but many Chinese characters you may have learned, but you just don't know you know!


Understanding them can help you a lot for your daily life in China, as well as the effort in HSK tests. So what do they mean? Let’s check them out!



Do you know these Chinese characters?


By the way, affected by new corona virus,the HSK, HSKK and BCT test in April within China will be postponed, and will retain testing qualifications of those registered test takers for other tests after the epidemic situation turns better.


Although the tests are delayed, we cannot stop learning Chinese.


If you are interested in learning Chinese, please contact us as soon as possible. First 20 students who register will get 2 free online Chinese lessons(HSK preparation or Spoken Chinese)!


What are you waitting for?

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