[Notice]All offline classes will be changed to online classe




为了应对武汉的疫情,保证每一位同学的健康,依据教育主管部门要求, 我们作出了如下安排:

Dear students:

Happy Chinese New Year!

In order to respond to the epidemic in Wuhan and ensure the health and safety of each student, according to the requirements of the competent education department, we have made the following arrangements:


1. XMandarin has temporarily suspended all offline classes, and all courses are changed to online classes.


2. From 3rd of February , all one-on-one classes will be changed to online classes to ensure the learning process of every student.


3. All small group classes are changed to online classes. The start time of online small group class is currently to be determined.


4. For student who need to experience online lesson,school will offer one free online trial lesson.


5. Resumption time for offline courses is yet to be determined.


Although face-to-face lessons are suspended, Chinese language learning should not be interrupted. Switching from face-to-face to online can ensure the continuity of learning Chinese, and there will be different language learning experiences as well. All teachers will do their best to carefully prepare online courses for you! Bringing the best online class experience. I hope you will continue your passion for learning Chinese and don’t stop studying!


No matter where you are, please take precautions and protect yourself. We firmly believe the epidemic situation can pass, and we look forward to the moment when we meet at school again!


If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to contact your course consultant or service teacher.


For more information for class, please contact us.

Course consultant - Ray

Tel: 18706305087

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Service teacher - Sarah

Tel: 17667512561 Wechat QR code:

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