XMandarin wishes you a Happy New Year !


The Spring Festival is also called Chinese Lunar New Year. Being one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it is the greatest and most important festival for Chinese people. It is also the time for whole family to get together, which is similar to Christmas for Westerners.

春节,也被称为农历新年。对于中国人来说,这是规模最大,最重要的传统节日。就如同西方的圣 诞节一样,春节是一家团聚的日子。

In folk culture, celebrating the Lunar New Year is also called “guonian” (literally meaning “passing a year”). It is said that the “nian” (year) was a fierce and cruel monster, and everyday, it ate one kind of animal including human beings.

在传统文化中,春节亦被称为“过年”。传说“年”是一种凶猛异常的怪物,每天都会吃一种动物 (包括人)。

Human beings were naturally scared and had to hide in the evening when the “nian” came out. Later, people found that the monster was afraid of the red color and fireworks. So after that, people used the red color and fireworks or firecrackers to drove“nian”away . As a result, the custom has remained to this day.

人们非常惧怕他,当“年”夜间出来活动时,人们会找地方躲起来。后来,人们发 现“年”非常害怕红色和爆竹,于是,人们用红色和鞭炮来驱赶“年”。久而久之,春节用大红色 和放鞭炮的习俗就保留了下来。

And also, the traditional Chinese zodiac attaches one of 12 animal signs to each lunar year in a cycle. 2020 is the year of the Rat.

中国有十二生肖也称十二属相。每个人在其出生年都有一种动物作为生肖。我国农历用鼠、牛、虎、兔、 龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、狗、猪这12种动物按顺序轮流代表各年的生肖。2020年是鼠年。

New Year, New hope, New dream, and New mood. In the new year, you must have many new plans. Hope XMandarin is part of your plan.



Happy new year!


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