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One of the greatest things about China is, that there is a story behind almost every fancy object, even a key chain!

White snake Bai su zhen 白素贞(Left)

Green snake Xiao qing 小青(Right)

Story 1


White snake Su Zhen, still a little snake without magic power, had been arrested by an old snake. Fortunately, a young shepherd boy just rescued her. Su Zhen vowed by heart to repay his life-saving grace.


A thousand years later, the white snake Su Zhen had become human. Su Zhen having returned to the world, Green Snake Xiao Qing met and tamed her and matched her with his sister.


Following Pusa’s advice Su Zhen went to Hangzhou West Lake to find the shepherd boy – just after a thousand years. By that time, he was an apprentice of Xu Xian at medicine school.


From heaven descended generous virtues and a beautiful woman. Xu Xian could not ever have imagined the little white snake to convert into a woman that beautiful. Xu Xian and Su Zhen got married soon.


But Xu Xian’s ears were weak and he misunderstood the monk Fa Hai’s confession. Hence, he soon put realgar on his wife’s human body to reveal her real form. While that he was scared to death. Bai Su Zhen flew to the west with her pregnant body to steal fairy grass and fought with the heavenly soldiers to save Xu Xian's life. This directly led to her embryo’s miscarriage.


Xu Xian still did not know how to love her. Su Zhen could not escape again and got caged in the tower of Lei Feng. She would have to wait for her son to finish high school, after which to hope for rescue.

Wang zhao jun(王昭君)

Story 2


Wang Zhao Jun, together with Xi Shi, Yang Yu Huan and Diao Chan were the most beautiful women in ancient China. They could even topple kingdoms because of their exquisite beauty.


Zhao Jun lived in the Han Dynasty. Due to her courage and wisdom, she voluntarily helped her country by saving it from the enemy when there was a request for a beautiful Han woman to be handed over as a peace-offering.


Her life was written into the story of "Zhao Jun departs the Frontier" (昭君出塞). When Zhao Jun bid farewell to her home country to leave for the North where she would be a complete stranger. Her horse was neighing sadly and the wild goose was crying. It saddened her so much that she could not help playing a farewell melody.


Hearing such melody in air, seeing such beauty on horse, the wild goose forgot waving their wings and fell down. That is how Zhao Jun got the nickname of Luo Yan which means“her beauty was so amazing that it even caused wild goose to descend.


After the arrival of Zhao Jun in the Northern Land, the relationship between the Han dynasty and Xiong Nu sustained peaceful and friendly for over 60 years.



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