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茱丽娅诊所 Julia Int’l Clinic

Julia Int’l Clinic is an international family clinic, which has 2 locations in Qingdao.
One is in Huangdao district and the other one is in Laoshan District.

Each location is equipped with a general practitioner and 4 specialist doctors, one-to-one English/speaking nurse/interpreter accompanying the whole medical process, doing the uttermost to help clients solve problems.


ADD. in Huangdao: No.590, Zhujiang Road, Huangdao, Qingdao


24h Helping Line(Huangdao): +86 185-6397-9229

ADD. in Qingdao: The 10th Shop, No.5 Dong Hai East Road, Qingdao


24h Helping Line(Qingdao): +86 131-6501-3251


To visit Julia Int’l Clinic, you may use the following ways to make an appointment.

Please make the appointment half a day before visit.


1、By calling our 24h helping line: +86 185-6397-9229(HD) & +86 131-6501-3251(QD)

2、By wechat:

3、By Email to & with title of "Appointment" and your necessary information (Your name + your cellphone number + Doctor’s Department + scheduled time)

4、By Website:



1、电话预约:拨打24小时预约电话 +86 185-6397-9229 (黄岛) / +86 131-6501-3251(青岛)


3、邮件预约:发送邮件到 &,请在标题注明“预约”,并提供您的基本信息(姓名+电话+预约科室+计划时间)

4、 网站预约




The International Outpatient Clinic


The International Outpatient Clinic (ICQD) of Qingdao Municipal Hospital is the first outpatient clinic for foreigners in Qingdao established in 2003. The team consists of multi-national doctors, all of whom have received systematic training abroad and are proficient in English and Chinese. The team of nurses can communicate proficiently in English, Korean and Chinese. In strict accordance with the international standards of diagnosis and treatment, the international clinic provides individualized high-quality services.


Address: No.5, Donghai Middle Road, Qingdao


To visit the International Outpatient Clinic, you may use the following ways to make an appointment.Please make an appointment at least 1 day before visit. The appointment cycle is 1-7 days.


1、On site appointment: Use the self-service registration machine to make an appointment

2、By calling our 24h line: 95169【Please provide valid documents (such as foreign passport, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Mainland Travel Permit, Special Clinic membership card or agreement insurance card)】

3、By wechat:

4、By Website: an appointment after you register with your real information)








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