"Ting bu dong" is long gone!



Some time ago, one video went viral on weibo.

原来,是一位在中国教了10多年英语的澳大利亚人@萌叔大卫老师,回到澳洲后突然发现:自己的生活变得很不方便。It turned out to be an Australian teacher who had been teaching English in China for more than 10 years. When he returned to Australia, he suddenly found that his life had become very inconvenient.

视频中,大卫老师特直接地吐槽:如果你在中国不想开车,你可以骑单车,可以坐地铁,但是在这儿(澳大利亚),如果你没车你就si啦。In the video, teacher David says,If you don't want to drive in China, you can ride a bike, you can take the subway, but here (in Australia), if you don't have a car, you can't go anywhere.

不止是快捷方便的滴滴,他还很想念中国的外卖:美团和饿了么!Not only the didi, but also he misses the Chinese takeaway: I miss China so much, and Meituan,e'le'me!

最后,他还直呼非常羡慕中国人:“生活在澳洲这样的国家特别不容易,尤其是像我这种在中国待久的人,你们中国人真的特别幸运!My God,我希望快点回中国。”

Finally, he also said that he envied the Chinese very much: it is not easy to live in a country like Australia, especially for people like me who have been in China for a long time, you Chinese are really very lucky! My God, I can't wait go back to China!


After the video stream spread, also caused the resonance of many foreigners who have been to China: have to say, after staying in China for a long time, I really don't adapt after returning to my home country! Jared, a Canadian who studied in China, realized this when he checked out for a dinner with friends.


In Canada, almost everyone pays by cash or credit card, so when it's their turn to pay, they have to wait in line to pay. Jared stood in the cold for 20 minutes to pay the bill, his tears nearly falling, and he began to doubt life: "if only they had alipay or WeChat..."


Takeout, taxi, shopping, express delivery, these are very convenient in China, that's the reason why more and more foreigners like to live in China. But what if you can't speak Chinese?


Don't worry, that's why we're here!


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