[EVENTS]How did you celebrate Moon-cake Festival?


Did you eat moon cakes on Mid-Autumn Festival? 中秋节你吃月饼了么? Do you know why we eat moon cakes on Mid-Autumn Festival? This is due to our custom of Mid-Autumn Festival. 你们知道我们为什么中秋节要吃月饼么?这起


[EVENTS]Chinese Paper-cut. 你剪出了什么?


上期我们详细介绍了中国剪纸文化,你还记得多少? Last time, we introduced in detail the paper-cut culture in China. How much do you remember? 起源于中国的剪纸,历史悠久,一直深受中国老百姓的欢迎。 W


[EVENTS]Chinese Paper-cut. 中国剪纸


The folk art of paper cutting in China is a national quintessence just as the traditional paintings, calligraphy and Peking Opera. It is also a precious non-material cultural heritage the Chinese ancestors have left to the people of the wor


[EVENTS]It's Bowling Time!!


Sunday Bowling was fun !! Look at us: But we enjoyed it!!! So, how do you think about the event? Every month XMandarin hosts activities like this for foreigners in Qingdao and we would love that you come and join us! 怎么样,下次,你


[EVENTS]嘿!来吃点吧? The Cooking Event was Cool!


Last Sunday, students from XMandarin had a delicious time cooking and eating together! 上周,XMandarin的同学们一起去做饭啦!一起来看看他们做得怎么样吧。 Video is not enough? More pictures are coming!!视频还不过瘾


[EVENTS]嘿!你吃了吗? To Become a Chinese Chef!


Hey guys! Have you heard about a Chinese STOMACH ? There are soooooooo many kinds of delicacy in Chinese food culture, that Chinese stomachs are always spoiled... 麻婆豆腐、糖醋里脊、鱼香肉丝 Mapo Tofu, Tangcu Liji, and Yuxian


[EVENTS]Strolling in the Old Town. 在老城区散步才是正经


星期六 + 小雨 + 青岛老街 = ? Saturday + Light rain +Qingdao old town = ? 当然是!浪漫! Absolutely! Romantic! Last Saturday, XMandarin students and teachers just went for such a romantic stroll around Xiaoyushan Park and the old


[EVENTS]Enjoy the Best View of Qingdao. 小鱼山公园踏青去


Summer is coming! This weekend, XMandarin is going to explore the famous spot Xiaoyushan park (Little Fish Hill park),one of our favourite spots of the city. From the top of the tower at these hilltop gardens, we will find superlative views


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