[EVENTS]微风三月,一起去品茶。Tea Party in March B


这个春天,你有什么打算呢?旅行?踏青? Whats your plan for the spring? Travel? Hiking? Or anything else? 来XMandarin试试新的选择吧! 这个春天,我们一起去喝茶,品茶,聊天,交朋友,听起来怎么样


[EVENTS & CULTURE]Yuanxiao Jie Kuaile! What Makes Today


These days, the Tangqiu hui Fair in Qingdao is going on in full swing We also went there and tasted all kinds of snacks, experienced various customs on Monday. The weather was cold with a little snow, but the hearts were passionate :) looke


[EVENTS]Never Say No to Snacks!! Tánɡqiú Huì Fair is back


Dear students! Have you heard about the bustling traditional country fair Tnɡqi Hu(糖球会)? It is held every year after Spring Festival and lasts for about 2 weeks. Its considered as the most important traditional event in Qingdao. In t


[Movie Night]"Lost in Thailand" 约个电影吗?


Dear students! Have you taken part in any of XMandarins events ? X-Party, windsurfing, traditional foods making, Chinese painting, or anything else? You must have had great time Now you may enjoy something different! This Thursday, XMandari


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