[EVENTS]Punch Punch! 看拳!The Kungfu Event.





  Dear friends,You must have noticed our Kungfu activity!

  Did you joined it? The Kungfu class was favourable and interesting. We all had a great time and enjoyed it~

  拳法是非常消耗体力的活动。开始前,大家先喝茶热身,今天我们品尝了中国有名的红茶“正山小种”,活动就在温馨的气氛中开始了。The event began with a tea party to warm up and get ready for the body exercise. Students tried the famous black tea "zheng shan xiao zhong" from south of China.

  热身之后,就是紧张的学习环节啦!今天我们学习的是“形意拳”,这是一门历史古老的拳法,练习起来,有趣又有点辛苦。它的五种拳法 “劈、崩、钻、炮、横”各有特色,我们就 从最基础的“劈拳”开始学起吧!Practical training started right after the tea party! They are gonna practice "Xingyi Quan", which is common known and has a long history. It was not so easy but fun XP . Xingyi Quan consists of 5 arts “劈(pī))、崩(bēng)、钻(zuān)、炮(pào)、横(héng)” . This time we will learn the basic one , pi quan.

The master showed the complete fist position art at first. It looked so cool! And the students were trying so hard!

Don't they looked skilled?

The master was providing personalized tutoring!~


How do you feel about it ? If you are interested, why not join us next time?
We wish you to be there!

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