春节到,快乐到!Let's do the paper cuttings!



Happy New Year, the Spring Festival is coming!




Chinese Spring Festival has a variety of folk culture, today we will talk about paper-cutting!




Paper-cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China, and its history can be traced back to at least the 6th century.



Paper cutting is a kind of hollow art, in the visual sense to give people a sense of permeability and artistic enjoyment. The carrier can be paper, bark, leaves, cloth, leather, leather and other sheet materials.




It is a folk art form with a long history and a wide spread in rural China. Paper-cutting, as the name implies, is to use scissors or carving knife to cut the paper into a variety of patterns, such as window flowers, wall flowers, ceiling flowers, lanterns, etc. Paper-cutting will make the festive atmosphere rendering more rich and festive.



Today, let's learn how to cut paper-cuts with Jessie's video. 



Paper-cuts are rich in content and wide in subject matter. Because the buyers of paper-cuts are mostly farmers, paper-cuts have a considerable content to show farmers' life, such as farming, weaving, fishing, sheep herding, feeding pigs, raising chickens and so on.




During the Spring Festival, people paste paper-cuts to decorate the environment and render the atmosphere.




Another year passed, however after everything we have been through, we are still here! We never stopped providing the lessons, online and face to face, and the service to any XMandarin’s student if they need anytime.



Finally, I wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger.


See you all in 2022!



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